Currently, Biocheminvest group of companies is actively engaged in modernization and development of existing enterprises, as well as search of new promising business areas related to agricultural products processing, production of biochemistry and expansion of activities in Europe, Africa and the Middle East markets.
Biocheminvest group of companies devotes special attention to technologies modernization, product quality improvement and economic efficiency of enterprises, market niches expansion and new markets search.


Glycerin Refinery with capacity of 40000 MT per annum.
Used motor and industrial oils regeneration plant with capacity of 25000 MT per annum.
Oils and fats hydrolysis, fatty acids distillation plant with capacity of 50000 MT per annum.
Bioethanol plant with capacity of 30000 MT per annum.


Fatty acids collection and export. Fatty acid is a by-product of vegetable oils and animal fats refining. Thought project was launched in 2016 only, turnover has reached 2900 MT per month so far with prospect of increase up to 4000-5000 MT per month in 2019.
Export of rapeseed / soybean oils, biodiesel trading. Around 60000MT of oils were supplied to European biodiesel producers during 2017-2018.