Group of Companies “BioChemInvest” is the leading producer of glycerin in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.
Key areas of business activity:

  1. Glycerin refining is the core business, on the basis of which other areas of business interest has been developed. Feedstock (Crude Glycerin) is imported from Europe and Latin America, and sales of refined glycerin are targeted to Eastern Europe and Middle East. BCI’s Market share in Eastern Europe reaches 35% which is supported by manufacturing capacities of 31 KT per year, as well as externally produced refined glycerin sales (trading).
  2. Auto chemicals production with total capacity of 20 KT per year:
    • – antifreeze and coolants,
    • – windshield fluid,
    • – motor oils.
  3. Crude and refined glycerin trading up to 20 KT per year, as well as oleochemicals and petrochemicals.
  4. Feedstock supply to biodiesel producers, which includes the supply of: rapeseed/soybean oils, fatty acids, used cooking oils.
  5. Biodiesel Trading.

 BCI GC is a member of EPCA and GROFOR.

BCI development stages

  • 2003

    June 4, 2003. Foundation of Ukrchemresource LLC in Dnipropetrovsk. Core business was glycerin imports and domestic sales.

  • 2005

    Rent of the glycerin distillation unit (Feld und Hahn, Germany) at «PNMK» (First National Soap Plant) in Kalynivka, Vinnytsia region. During the first year refined glycerin production reached 850 tons with the nameplate capacity of 4 KT per year.

  • 2007

    Foundation of Biocheminvest LLC for the purchase of «PNMK» with subsequent change of the name to «Glycerin Refining Plant BCI».

  • 2009

    Improving glycerin storage tank farm with the capacity increase from 10 to 15 KT.

  • 2010

    Glycerin Distillation Unit 07 re-equipment resulting in the annual glycerin output increase from 4 to 10 KT.

  • 2011

    Acquisition auto chemicals and motor oils manufacturer “MFK LLC” (Dnipropetrovsk)with the capacity of 20 KT per year.

  • 2012

    Relocation of MFK LLC equipment to Glycerin Refinery industrial site in Kalynivka.

  • 2012

    Acquisition of «Kalinovka Experimental Oil and Fat Fractionation Plant» plant with capacity of 30 KT of ethyl alcohol per year aiming to rearrange it to a bioethanol production plant.

  • 2012

    Another stage of Glycerin Distillation Unit-07 re-equipment with the capacity increase to 12 KT per year.

  • 2013

    The launch of Glycerin Distillation Unit-13 supplied by CPM SKET, Germany, with pharma-grade refined glycerin capacity of 15 KT per year.

  • 2014

    Stoppage of the old steam boiler house built in 1968 with 3 boilers and 56 tons of steam per hour at 23 bar due to commissioning the new steam boiler house. The new technology provided by Buderus, Germany, includes a reverse osmosis unit for used water treatment with capacity of 12 m3 per hour. These investments allowed to reduce natural gas consumption by 35% and circulated water consumption by 40%.

  • 2014

    Glycerin Distillation Unit-07 complex re-equipment including main technological units’ replacement: GIG-Karasek (Austria) thin-film evaporator, SIHI pumping equipment, heat exchange equipment, as well as control systems automatization based on SIEMENS programmable logic controllers. These steps allowed to reduce glycerin losses by 5% and Glycerin Distillation Unit-07 production capacity increase up to 16 KT per annum. Total distillation capacity reached 31 KT per year.

  • 2015

    Crude and Refined Glycerin tank farm expansion up to 24 KT due to commissioning of a 5 KT carbon steel and a 4 KT stainless steel tanks.

  • 2015

    Re-equipment of feedstock pretreatment unit - commissioning of DIEMME (Italy) processing line.

  • 2015

    Commissioning of TAPFLO (Denmark) refined glycerin tank trucks loading unit.

  • 2016

    Reverse water supply stations replacement with BROTEP ECO equipment.

  • 2017

    Inception of the old boiler house renovation for using alternative types of fuel. Construction is set to be carried out in two stages: - 2018 – commissioning of steam boiler with the capacity of 7 tons of steam per hour at 16 bar - 2020-2021 – cogeneration unit with the capacity of 1,2 -1,5 MW of electricity per hour and 10-12 MT of technological steam per hour at 16 Bar.

  • 31000 MT

    of Refined Glycerin annually

  • 24000 MT

    of liquids storage

  • 20000 MT

    production of antifreeze